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Company Profile

Liberty Hospitality is an Innovative marketing service team of professionals, many of whom has experiences beyond 3 – 5 years in direct marketing, and our primary objective is to assist ventures essentially within the hospitality industry comprising Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, to almost double their customer base within a short span of time, through our tested methodology. The concept that we work on is Direct Marketing, which drives customer, almost doubling the foot-fall, enhancing revenues manifold together with spreading the word about the company through word of mouth publicity, through full-time professional marketing representatives. We approach to over 1 million customers each year on behalf of our clients. 

At Liberty Hospitality, our team of business professionals review, plan and recommend key marketing initiatives which we customize for each client's requirement and brief. We provide end-to-end integrated Direct Marketing solutions for advertisers and marketers from different realms.

Liberty Hospitality is India's only Direct Marketing Company that offers comprehensive customized solutions to facilitate business development. Through the years, the professionals has been successfully bringing people together and giving everyone an equal opportunity to build success through promoting entrepreneurial spirit.

Liberty Hospitality an advertising and marketing company, specializing in organizing business promotion for the Hospitality industry in particular and through our services, we partner you in bringing about a quantum increase in your business, without your organization incurring any direct cost of the promotion.

The hospitality services industry is possibly the fastest growing business vertical in India today, and to quote an often repeated marketing cliché; the demand for out strips the supply, in any of the services comprising this business vertical. Its projected demand is expected to continue to grow exponentially over the next ten years. This is eventually expected to result in various specialists being sought for various subheads that make up this service industry as a whole. Profitability and continuous revenue planning being the key behind any venture,we at Liberty seek to address this key component in meeting this marketing services requirement, the key differentiator between a good venture and profitable one.

At Liberty, we are completely alert to the fact, that each Client is special and each Client presents us with an opportunity to continue to fine tune and hone our marketing skills to realize customer delight and satisfaction in every way possible.

At Liberty, we understand the value behind the creation of relationships and associations which extend far beyond the professional ambit. We firmly believe a satisfied customer is a veritable mouthpiece for other prospective clients.

At Liberty, we put our actions to match our recommendations, which is our biggest strength and is also the very basis of our many a successful marketing tie ups We take extreme care in choosing our associates.

We make the deal very attractive for the customer so that the customer’s frequency of visit in the whole year, to your establishment shall be over and above your expectations and which shall fulfill the purpose of the exercise. It is absolutely certain that when it comes to organizing the promotion to the customers, our team works in a very professional manner and we have our own methods which when applied, does get us guaranteed results.

We believe that "Service" and a "Service Attitude" to customers form the basis of the business. We have a passion for Excellence with the highest standards of "Service".


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